Circles (for dance & piano, real-time sound processing & visualization with Max/MSP & TouchDesigner)

Projector, Azure Kinect DK, Piano, 4.0 Surround Sound

2021. 11. 13
Lee Hae-rang Performing Arts Theater, Seoul

This study aims to create interactive multimedia that combines music and dance. This study started with the question. What if the dancers could "dance the music" rather than "dance to the music"? In this study, Azure Kinect DK is used for motion tracking, and TouchDesigner is used to get the data of Azure Kinect DK. The data is sent to Max/MSP through OSC to create real-time sound processing with the piano. A piano can make various sounds; however, there are limitations. These limitations were overcome with sound processing using Max/MSP and surround sound system.
 Sound processings are made of reverb, amplitude modulation, chorus, flanger, and spectral crossover using pfft~ xover~ object in Max/MSP. These sound processings are controlled by the speed of the dancer's hands in real-time. The dancer's hands also create visuals, and the size and color are changed by sound and dancer. 
 This study shows that this interactive multimedia helped to accept artistic expressions more effectively than conventional dance performances.

Composer: Gwangyu Lee
Dancer: Hanbi Yang
Pianist: Sujin Jung

You can download the quad version of this song here.

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