How to connect Max/MSP to TouchDesigner

To connect Max/MSP to TouchDesigner, I'll use the udpsend object in Max/MSP. udpsend has two arguments, host and port. I'll connect Mas/MSP to TouchDesigner on the same computer, so the host should be or localhost. Port is whatever you want.

For instance, I'll get the peak and RMS value of one loop using playlist~, meter~, levelmeter~, and dbtoa objects.

Before we send that, we have to name those values to distinguish. I'll add prepend objects to name those. You can simply check using print.

The setting is finished and it's time to send. I set the port to 8800. TouchDesigner is on my computer so the host is localhost.

In TouchDesigner, make OSC In CHOP operator and set the port 8800. Then you can receive the values.

I received the values in TouchDesigner so let's connect the values to the default patch. The patch will be changing to the Max/MSP.

You can download the patches here.

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