iOS LiDar Scanner Realtime with TouchDesigner

An example application using a LiDar sensor on iOS with TouchDesigner. 

How to build

Open Lidar_Scanner_Realtime.xcworkspace.   
Connect iOS device with a LiDar Sensor(iPhone 12 Pro Max is recommended).  
Build it


Swipe to the right edge of the screen.   
Set IP address and port and press the button “Set”


If the switch is ON, Realtime mode is ON.


If the switch is ON, it'll show you the statistics on the screen.


Reset the frame.

Export .obj file

Export .obj file and can send it to other devices or can save it on your iPhone.

How to work with TouchDesigner

In iOS

Run the application.   
Set IP address and port.   
Turn the realtime ON.   

In TouchDesigner

Open LiDar_Scanner_Realtime.toe.   
Click the OSC In DAT.   
Set the port.

This application contains copyrighted software under MIT License.     
SwiftOSC - Copyright (c) 2017 Devin Roth

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